Years ago, a quite famous picture gallery in Milan exposed, the place of honor,
a small painting no bigger than a postcard.
It represented a pole, a wooden pole reinforced by a little timber tie.
Below, a dusty bush. A light pole.

What a beautiful!

Even today, in retrospect, I wonder the reasons behind that miracle.
There can be only one answer: the gift of seeing.
Seeing, observing: a circle, lovely starting from the most humble
and maybe ending into the eternal myth of Venus, the godness of love.
I mean, whithin the affectionate presentation of my work, which has been
made by my son Massimo, there is a bit of everything.

And I would be happy if there were even a piece of that small,
wonderful pole light.

Theo de Rigo

Papà Theo, Daniele e Massimo: tre generazioni in sintonia con l’Arte e la Natura.

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